My 2017 resolution

This is my first blog. I even don’t know what blogging actually means but i was told you just write about anything. Since this is a new year I am just going to tell you about my new year resolution.

I have always replicated peoples resolution thinking that having a more tough and serious resolution can make me be more aggressive towards attaining that set objective and also make me be more reasonable. I would quickly post my resolution on my Facebook and twitter pages and my friends would immediately applaud and admire my determination.I know how fake friends can be on Facebook but reading their comments about my resolution made me think that i had really come up with a really good new year resolution but after a few month into the year i realize that my resolution was just a joke and realistically i couldn’t even attain a quarter of it.

This year i have decided to be more realistic and try to make resolutions that are really attainable. I have decided to ditch resolutions like “working towards getting a promotion” because my boss is too mean to realize and appreciate my efforts, “starting my own business” because over the years i have also realized that pooling capital and saving for this is too hard, “falling in love”  have been having this resolution over the years and i have concluded that it is better to let love find you than searching for it. The reasons for my conclusion i will give it to you later in another post.

So you might be thinking which resolution did i make which i consider to be perfect. My resolution is simple it’s “Not Having A Resolution at All”. My friends told me that me having no resolution is stupid since i won’t be having any direction for the year but i think it is the best and perfect way to go. Here i am not limiting my self meaning I can try to do everything right and may be my boss can eventually come to his senses and give me that promotion, I can maybe be able to pool resources to start that business I have always wanted to start and maybe love can eventually find me than me always missing out on it while trying to chase it.

Therefore this year my resolution is not having any resolution at all but doing plenty of things right and maybe through that i will have some achievement this year. I have tried setting goals and i have failed to attain them so I am just going to do things right and wait for the results.


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