I was tempted to say something

via Daily Prompt: Tempted

As usual i boarded a bus to work at the same time at 8:00 but before i boarded the bus i thought about her. The girl i was thinking of i never knew anything about her but I have been seeing her for the past month and we have been boarding the same bus. The only few things i can describe about her is that she is very beautiful and that i know the spot where she boards off the bus. So here I was thinking about her before i entered the bus and i was imagining why was she late today, isn’t she not going to come? I continued to imagine how i would have loved to sit next to her today and how maybe it would give a chance to finally speak to her.

I waited but she wasn’t coming so i decided to enter the bus. I sat next to the window but as i was looking out side the bus i heard a person sitting next to me and i heard her say Hi. I immediately turned away from the window to try to make contact and respond to the person who had said Hi to me. To my surprise and excitement it was “the girl”. I responded to her with a smile and she also gave me a shy smile. In my head i said thank you Lord for listening to my thought as things where happening as i had imagined them. I looked at the way she was dressed and damn she was smartly dressed in a short pink skirt with a well embellished black top. It was a low cut top and i could see her cleavage.

I have always admired this gal for sure and i always glowed when i saw her on the bus but here she was sitting next to me for sure i was tempted to say some thing and i immediately tried to find something i could use to start a conversation with her. I could see her staring at me and i thought that maybe she was feeling the same way as i was feeling. Along the way she extended close to me to create space for another passenger and her body started to rub close to mine as she continued to make those furtive glances towards me. For sure the temptation was mounting with every glance she made and with every rub of her body i was getting. I couldn’t take it anymore and i started to return the favor by also making those shy glances and smiles but whenever I made a glance the pressure continued to mount and i said to myself to go ahead and make a move.

I therefore decided to give in to the temptation but how i was going to do it i didn’t know, So i instinctively turned to look at her and coincidentally i found her staring at me. She acted shy and gave me that shy smile which i replied with a smile and unsanctioned a voice came out of me and i said “Please don’t be shy, I think it’s high time we get acquainted” She smiled and i told her my name and she effortlessly told me hers and so the conversation started and i told her how i have been watching her always and how i knew even were she boarded off. I even speculated were she might be working from and my speculations turned out to be true. So we continued talking and when the was about to reached to the spot where she was to board off, I gained courage and asked for her number and i followed my request with an excuse of “In case I don’t see you soon may be i can text or call you to say Hi.” She laughed and declined to give me her number which made me feel hurt somehow but i told her “it’s cool I will have to depend on my chances of meeting you at the bus stop.” She said NO I am not giving you my number because you are giving me yours!! i was shocked with too much excitement and i shyly smiled as she gave me her phone to punch in the number. In my thoughts I thanked God for giving me a great day and for bringing such temptation to me. the bus certainly reached where she was to board off and she gave me a smile and she promised to call after work. You can imagine the uneasiness and expectation as i wait for her call

Anyhow that is how I was tempted today and I gave in to the temptation which temptation ended up to be very good.


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