She still clings to him

She still clings to him after all she did to him. After all the disappointment, the betrayal and the embarrassment. Rachel was a girl who took herself to be special and who could under look and trash almost all the guys in the neighborhood. She claimed to have given up on love after numerous heart breaks.

But along came Gerald. Gerald came with a mission to break Rachel’s vow of never falling for a guy ever again. Gerald knew all the right words to say, All the right things to do so that to win Rachel’s heart. Rachel at first wasn’t ready to let her guard down as she abused and on many occasions ashamed Gerald in-front of people but that just made Gerald more determined. After an embarrassment Gerald usually came out so strong the next day with sweet and wonderful words to say to Rachel.

Gerald seemed sweet and usually shed tears sometimes in front of people to the things Rachel was doing to him. But He had a hidden mission “to break Rachel’s Vow.” Eventually Rachel started to soften and let her guard down. She started to feel sorry for the guy and she thought maybe he meant his words. Suddenly she was deeply in love with Gerald and Gerald became the best thing to her in those moments but as you know the truth eventually finally manifests it’s self.

Gerald was married with 2 children and he had come to that town for a project. He used to stay with his cousin who told him about Rachel the girl she loved but couldn’t love her back so Gerald decided to avenge for his cousin.

Rachel realized it late when she was even pregnant. Gerald came clean about everything in the restaurant they had gone to have their lunch, he even denied the pregnancy and he immediately left. He embarrassed her, She became the talk of town and every guy who she had dissed & embarrassed laughed at her.                                                                                                 But Rachel never stopped loving Gerald! her friends and family advised her to terminate the pregnancy to remove Gerald from her life but she said No. She said “Gerald was the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am going to keep this child as a symbol for that love. I also know deep down Gerald loves me and that was only a show.”

She remained with the pregnancy and gave birth to a beautiful girl whom she named “Geraldine” and Gerald was the first person she called after gaining her consciousness. She calls him up to this day and the talk. She still loves her and she even prays to God to bring back her Gerald even though she knows he is a married man. She is still clung on her and still hopeful that Gerald will finally come back to her.


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