Always Unseen Until….

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Fredrick was a brightest boy at school and he always hoped for a chance to into one of the best universities but he didn’t know how since they were poor and he knew that his hopes were just those fairy-tale dreams that would never come true said his high school teacher Jennifer. That was the opening statement for  Fredrick’s high school teacher Jennifer on Fredrick’s  on memorial mass. Fredrick had no parents as he grew up and studied in the orphanage

Jennifer’s speech was followed by the university student’s representative speech who said “we are sorry Fredrick because till a while ago you were always unnoticed and unseen. You tried to mingle with us but we all pushed you away, mistreated you and made your life miserable but you never gave up on us till this day. You have became our hero irrespective of all we did and said to you. Your heart was pure all the way even though we made your life miserable and unbearable”. Linda had offered to be the one to read the speech because she was one of the immediate beneficiaries of Fredrick’s generosity. Linda spent over 30 minutes reading out 10 minute speech on Fredrick’s vigil because she was breaking every time to cry. Linda failed to complete the speech and it was given to a police officer to complete it who also read it crying. Fredrick was only 19 when he died.

Fredrick had finally gotten into one of the best universities in the country through a scholarship with the support from his teacher Jennifer and his high school principal. Fredrick was excited and saw it as a beginning to a better life and saw himself becoming a wonderful surgeon and helping very many people. Unfortunately Fredrick never got what he hoped for.

Arriving at the medical section of the university, Fredrick found a highly polarized environment where students on scholarships where greatly mistreated by their fellow students. They often blamed them for coming from poor families and studying off their monies. These other students often bullied their fellows, beat them, denied them access to the dinning halls, libraries and in any other places where these other students were. Fredrick unlike some of his marginalized scholarship friends played it cool and he usually did do whatever the bullies wanted him to do without hesitation. He often said that if this is the price I have to pay for my education, I will gladly pay it. He was made fun of and he was the most liked of all bullied students because he was bright and he was always made to do the bullies course work and other assignments.

This went for a while till one of the bullied students appeared to school with a gun and wired with bombs.His name was William. William was tired of being bullied, mistreated and beaten. Williams dad worked in an ammunition shop so in some way or the other he had access to ammunition.

It was lunch time and almost all the students were in the dining hall, William slowly entered into the dining hall and Fredrick immediately sensed that something was wrong. Bullied students who were often called “LOOSERS” were not allowed to eat at the same time as other students and they often had to wait till the rich kids were done but here was William entering the dining hall completely filled with bullies, Fredrick was their because they dragged him their to fetch their food from the counter and bring it to their seats. On seeing William Fredrick tried to signal William to move out as he was about to be beaten but unfortunately it was too late one of the boys had seen him. As William slowly looked the door behind him, the boy shouted “Looser looser looser looser” the others quickly followed him shouting “fresh meat, fresh meat” as they locked the dining hall to deny campus security access. After locking the doors they sped off towards William but William stood calm and Fredrick failed to understand why William remained calm as over 50 boys were trying to get a piece of him. It was when William drew out a gun and shot 3 of the boys that Fredrick realized that William had come for a bitter revenge. All the students dashed to the doors after hearing the shots and seeing 2 of their friends dead as one was fighting for his life but the doors where tightly locked and no one could open one immediately as they where all panicking.

William shot other 5 students who were panicking at the door killing one immediately. This brought some sanity into these students as he told them to leave the doors and they immediately obeyed him. William made the students to draw all the curtains to the hall and close all the windows so that no one outside would see what was happening inside. William immediately called the cooks and told them to come and get out as he had nothing against them but as they were going out he told them to tell all the campus security and the police to stay a distance away from the building as he was going to blow it with his fellow students inside. He told them that no rescue was necessary as he was going to die with these students. William also gave them a written statement to give to the police. He immediately shut the door tightly after the cooks had gone out.

William then called out for Fredrick. He said “Fredrick please come out from where you are hiding.” Fredrick was still hiding under the table. William told Fredrick that he was doing whatever he was doing for people like him who are innocent yet they are constantly accused for something they didn’t do and constantly humiliated, bullied, beaten and their lives made hard. William immediately told Fredrick to come and move out. before he could go he bent down to pick up his bag and whispered to one of the boys that when he sees him trying to wrestle the gun out of Williams hands, He should quickly open the back door and lead the rest out.

So Fredrick went and reached to where William was. William was holding Linda and he was pointing the Gun towards her because she was crying loudly. Fredrick told William that Linda wasn’t the part of those that bullied them and that all were crying because they were scared. Fredrick tried to talk William out of this all thing but William was determined to see it through. They argued for a bit and William pointed the gun to Fredrick that is when Fredrick calmed down and pretended to do whatever William was proposing. He said okay let me move out but before he left He told William to let Linda go join her friends so that if they are to die they die together. Fredrick pulled Linda away from William and he told her to tell Jacob to be ready to open the door as he was about to make his move on William. Linda rushed to Jacob and gave her the news and then they started to whisper the pending move to the rest of the students.

Fredrick started to move to the door but before William opened for him, he asked William to at least leave him with his Jacket to act as a souvenir, As he was taking off the Jacket that is when the students saw that Williams body was wired with grenades but the pins were still in. Fredrick was a bit stronger than William and he knew that he could wrestle his as he was the only person who could come closer to him. So as he was taking off the Jacket Fredrick wrestled him and immediately shouted ” Jacob Now” Jacob got up dashed to the back door opened it and students started to run out. William struggled to fight back and shot Fredrick in the leg and later on in the stomach as he tried to pull away from Fredrick but Fredrick was determined to save as much students as he could. Jacob had ran to the police to come and help save Fredrick too but on seeing the Police entering, William panicked and removed one pin from the grenades and to blow him self up. On seeing this Fredrick tried to out ran the blast but it wasn’t possible. The blast caught up with him and also it caught 2 of the police officers.

It was all over 4 students had been killed including Fredrick. 5 students and 2 police officers were injured. It all happened first. The university administration knew of the bullying but it had treated as a trivial matter but it had resulted in the death of 4 students. The town and nation was shocked of the incident. It was the first of it’s kind in the town.

Fredrick the unseen boy who was trashed to nothing had became the hero in his death saving over 200 hundred students that where in the dining hall but he wasn’t first enough to save himself. Fredrick became the talk of town, prayers were held in favor of him. A street was named to honor him, the university set up a scholarships to honor him. People hailed his name and Parents of the survived students and the students themselves thanked him.

Fredrick the once unseen and unnoticed was now popular in his death. He had given up his dreams, his life to save those that taunted and mistreated him. He had a big heart to help others as he grew up being helped by others.

Jennifer Fredrick’s high school teacher closed the memorial speech by thanking Fredrick’s big heart for saving those many students without any hesitation no matter how they treated him. The students all were crying regretting the missed chance to say thank you and sorry to Fredrick.


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