A marathon of Questions

via Daily Prompt: Marathon

Jenny’s first night home after a long time was just what she needed  away from the strange faces of doctors, away from those cries of pain and death. She needed that warm night rest closer to the people she knows, closer to the people she loves and surrounded with the environment she has always been accustomed to. She had a wonderful night just as she had imagined it and she woke up feeling much better and it was a new start to her. She had resolved to move ahead with her life and forget the past that had led her to the hospital nearly killing her. Just as she was thinking about that future of hers, she heard a knock on the door. It was Jenny’s mother, she had brought her breakfast and to check on her. She was so excited to find out that Jenny was doing well. She served her breakfast, prepared her a bath and after told her to come down in the living room she wanted to tell her something. Jenny felt a mild relief. She thought her parents will immediately scold her the moment she reached home but she was just welcomed with lots of love and care. She was indeed happy. She quickly took her breakfast, had her bath & hurried down stairs in the living room. why doing all that she had one thought in her mind. To ask for forgiveness.

Jenny’s mother was sitted in the living room reading the bible. On seeing Jenny he closed the bible and asked Jenny to sit next to her. before Jenny sat down she knelt down and asked for forgiveness. Her mother burst into tears and cried a lot as Jenny’s eyes also started to get watery with tears. Jenny father was outside with her sisters and brothers they all heard the cry and rushed to the living room. as they entered Jenny’s mother Kirsten immediately dried her eyes and pulled Jenny up and sat her close to her. Everyone sat in the living room and looked at Jenny with an eager questioning look. Jenny and her mother all sensed what was going to happen next. Kirsten Jenny’s mother said to her husband “Not now please” but her husband said this is the perfect time to talk about everything.

Jenny was faced with a marathon of questions. Her father, mother and siblings needed to know and find out a lot of things from her that had led to her ending up in the hospital. Jenny was faced with a marathon of questions and she knew that the only way to answer the whole marathon of question in a single answer was to come clean about every thing.

Jenny opened up and said , ” I am sorry Dad, Mom and my siblings. I had tried to kill myself. It was the shame, embarrassment and fear of facing my family that made me take that decision.” Jenny’s family was a christian family and they had raised her with good morals. She continued by saying that “when I reached college I was taken by college life and I turned to a life full of booze and drugs. I used to hang out in clubs every night hooking up almost a new guy every night. It was one of those guys that made me pregnant. I was not ready to be a mother and I was afraid of facing my family with that option of becoming a mother so I decided to abort. I got some complications during the abortion process and they had to inform the school administration. They rushed me to the school hospital and it was their that the school administration got to know about my wrongly done abortion. Among the school rules for the students who stayed in dorms, abortion was not allowed. The decision was to call me in the disciplinary committee and my parents were to attend. On knowing that my parents will grace the disciplinary committee with their presence I panicked and took a lot of pills to try to take my life because I couldn’t face you. The next think I remember is being in the hospital seeing you guys.

Her father cried together with the rest of the family. They all hugged Jenny and they implored her never to think of taking her life. People do make mistakes and the only thing that matters is if you have learnt from that mistake.

Jenny’s father begged the school to give Jenny another chance at the university which they did and Jenny never disappointed till her graduation day.

It was those marathon of questions that Jenny was afraid of that made her to nearly end her life.


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