Life changing Invitation

via Daily Prompt: Invitation

He never knew that the invitation to come and stay with him for a while would turn out to be an invitation for a life partner. He was just helping and yearning soul. He felt sorry for her and decided to help. James is a good guy. He has passed through the rough and hard road to make it through life. He has failed once on everything he laid his hands on. He had to try more than once to succeed in anything he has tried to do. It has been a struggle for him to get an education, to get that first Job, to start his own business and on everything he has tried. To sum it up, James has never had it easy in life.

James had made it in life and his generosity made him to give back. He was a philanthropist helping and supporting many charities. Gloria one of the persons she had helped had developed feelings for her. She was deeply in love with James. James had started sensing Gloria’s feelings towards him but he misunderstood them to be a friendly love which was reciprocated by Gloria out of the friendly kindness and love he showed her. But he was wrong Gloria was truly in love with James. She had always tried to figure out a way to tell him but was always scared that James would think that she was after his money. James was very important to Gloria so she was also scared of messing up things since she was the only person she had in her life she could depend on.

James met Gloria lying on the road side half dead as he was heading to his house after work late in the night. He first sped past her in his car as he mistook it to be a prank by thieves. Thieves usually used that prank of a person pretending to be half dead by the road side to be able to rob the sympathizers but unfortunately this was not a prank. James sped off and came back quickly with the police. Gloria was half dead and unconscious and had no identification on her. James accepted to be responsible for her and she was rushed to the hospital after making a formal custodial statement with the police. Gloria was unconscious for 4 days and on coming back from her brief comma she found out she was in the hospital with a guard at her door. The doctors quickly came in to check her and the police together with James were alerted about Gloria coming out of the coma.

Gloria made her statement with the police. It was his foster brother who had tried to rape her but on fight back he badly hit her to her coma. he thought he had killed her so she drove and dumped her by  the road side far from their home. Gloria grew up with foster parents and never got a chance to know her parents. She was 24 and still stayed in her foster home to take care of her foster mother who had cancer. Daniel her foster brother had resorted to selling and using drugs as his way of life and he had made several attempts to rape her whenever he was high but her foster mother always came to her rescue. after the passing of the Gloria’s foster mother, Daniel was high again and tried to rape her, this time no one would come to her rescue so she had to fight back and that was the last thing she remembered.

James accepted to take care of Gloria for the mean time as she resets and builds her life. James was just 32 years not married yet. He had given up on love after numerous heart breaks. He took her to his home and provided for everything. Gloria hadn’t gone to college so she paid for her college and provided for her everything. He had become his family a person he could talk too. He made Gloria live again. James had changed Gloria’s life and Gloria had fallen for her deeply. She was in love with James. She didn’t know how to approach James without spoiling things but she was waiting for an opportunity. Luckily in one of their conversation with James after watching a movie, James brought up a topic of love and marriage since the movie was centered around there.

James asked “Gloria whats your view about marriage and love.” Gloria replied in a very soft tone “James I believe in love and I think that people should marry their friends, the persons they love.” Gloria was now 29 years and already working with one of the  big companies around which James had recommended her too after completing her business degree. James followed Gloria’s response with  another question. “Gloria! have you found your love yet and if so does that mean that you are considering to get married soon” Gloria replied that she had found her love already and that she was deeply in love with her and her love was her best friend but she was afraid that she will never get married to her. James immediately asked ” why the loss of faith Gloria, why give up so easily and what is that barrier that is barring you from getting married to her.” before she answered the question she begged that she ask James one quick question. James accepted and then she asked ” James i know you told me you gave up on love. Does that mean that you will never get married?” James quickly replied and told Gloria ” I am don’t consider marriage because I gave up on Love, I don’t consider marriage because I am scared of love.” she asked another question and went into a deep conversation.

Gloria: James what if you get a person who loves you will it give you some assurance and                     you decide to give love another chance.

James: Yes if she truly loves me but that if hard to find these days and i don’t have time to                 keep looking i rather leave everything. But for you you should go ahead and get                       married if you need my help i will help you talk to that guy about that barrier you                   are afraid of.

Gloria: I am afraid you can’t help me this time James.

James: Gloria you know that I promised to I would help you in whatever or whichever issue                you might have. so please let me help you please. I like seeing you happy.

It was on hearing that that Gloria decided to take the chance and come clean. She said “James you can’t help me because the person i madly in love is you and that barrier is you thinking that I might not genuinely love you and the other is that I might be messing our friendship up.” James went silent and never said a single word to Gloria. Gloria eventually felt ashamed and embarrassed and ran to her room and started crying as she blamed her self.

James wasn’t mad at her but she was caught off guard. His friends had told him that Gloria was in love with him that he must consider marrying her but he thought that they were just making fun of them. He later noticed that he had acted rude towards Gloria. So early in the morning being a weekend Gloria wasn’t going to work so James prepared her breakfast and took it to her room. She knocked numerous times but Gloria wasn’t opening she called her name and begged that she allows him to come in. Gloria after a while told James to come in. She immediately said she was sorry she was answering a call that is why she had kept him waiting on the door. James looked into Gloria’s eyes and they were swollen James knew that she had spent a long time or the whole night crying. James immediately apologized and he sat on the bed to give Gloria the breakfast he had prepared her. James said am sorry that I went silent. It’s not that I don’t like or love you but I was shocked because I felt that your love was genuine to me. You the only person who knows every dirty stuff  of mine and you still love me. I was shocked. Gloria started to lighten up a little. James continued and said. You know I loved you and ever since you came into my life i have just been loving you more and more and am ready to give us a chance. I love you Gloria and i want you to stay in my life forever and if we are going to do this we are doing it the right way it should be done. He gave her a peck and asked if she minded they continued to talk about the whole thing over a date in the evening.

Gloria had finally won over the man she loves and James had finally given way to love again and that one invitation had brought them to this wonderful moment.


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