No replacement for you

via Daily Prompt: Replacement

I can never find a replacement for you. You took me in without thinking twice. You believed in me and gave me a chance to be part of your life. You made me see the true meaning of life. You taught me how to be a real man.

You turned me from a flawed person to a nearly perfect person from a proud person to a humble person, from a player to a lover from a callous person to a compassionate one.You rejuvenated my hope where I had lost it.You gave me a purpose of life where I didn’t have any, you directed my step to a fine man I am today, you clipped my wings and made me value humanity and life

But above all you loved me. You taught me the true meaning of love, the reason for love, the true concept of love. I fell in love with you, I loved you and saw all my life in you,You were my dreams and everything in my life was made of you.

Now that you are gone, I feel lost. All my dreams are shuttered, everything my life seems to be in disarray. I live a life of misery and sorrow. All am left with are our memories which are slowly becoming painful. I am trying to continue to love as you told me on your last breathe but who can I love other than you.

You told me to find a replacement but I can’t find one. I have never disobeyed you but I am sorry I am going to pass on this one. I will never get a replacement for you. No one can replace you and i can’t love anyone as I love you. I never promised love till death do us part but I promised to love you always through all life times.

I love you and I won’t replace you till the day we meet. All the sorrowful and miserable life am living is all love for you. The sorrow is the pain I feel for losing you for you leaving me alone on this earth and the misery is for the loneliness I feel for not being with you.

I will never take a replacement for you.


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