The Yellow County

via Daily Prompt: Yellow

What you all see is yellow, It’s the yellow that welcomes you. You can see the  yellow on everything when you get to the village not only the plants are yellow but also the people are yellowish. The village is dying away, it’s withering away, It’s life support has turned yellow and it is withering away.

The village’s killer are the yellow fumes coming out from the many industries and factories that set up in the area a few years ago. The yellow fumes plus the chemical deposits damaged a once beautiful environment, with fertile soils, with alluring greenery and plenty of good and healthy foods to feed it’s people all year around but all has changed.

The trees were cut to clear land for industries and factories, the fertile soils were spoilt by chemicals and the ecology of the village was destroyed by the fumes now the village doesn’t get enough rains and the little rains it gets are acid rains turning everything yellow and withering it. The once healthy people are also withering away due to malnutrition and unhealthy foods they eat. Many people have left the village for other areas. The few that were left are dying off slowly with the environment. The industries continue to operate dumping their chemicals and fumes into the environment. You can see yellow all over the air. the air isn’t even breathable in the area and one can only survive with the use of gas masks. The government doesn’t care as long as they get the money from these factories, the cries of the people are not regarded to be important.

The love of money has turned the village yellow everything in it is yellow from the vegetation, the breathable air to the people in it. A once beautiful place is now referred to as the “yellow County” with yellow withering vegetation, yellow breathable air, yellow eco system and yellow people.


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