It’s disturbing scent

via Daily Prompt: Scent

Their course of voluntary work had taken them to Africa. They were assigned to go to Uganda to do some voluntary work. They were to build schools for the poor villages there. The villagers where very poor indeed but they were rich in fruits. They had a wide variety of fruits and the volunteers were always happy to taste the sweet organic fruits. Every new kind of fruits they brought the volunteers tried and they found them to be nice but they had not tasted it all.

One day the villagers brought another fruit for the volunteers to taste. The volunteers as usual were very eager and interested to try out a new tropical fruit as many of these fruits were not there in America.

The fruit they were to taste today had a disturbing scent, the volunteers thought it was rotten and many refused to give it a try. Many even puked on pulling the scent. it smelt really badly. The villagers begged and implored the volunteers to try the fruit telling them that it was rude to refuse gifts in their cultures. To make the volunteers more comfortable, the villagers tried the fruit first and took to the volunteers to also give it a try. They all were afraid but again didn’t want to disappoint the villagers. So one by one they pulled a piece and tried the fruit.

It was after they tried the fruit that they experience the magic. That ill scent had hid a very good delicacy. Among the fruits they had tasted the Jack fruit had become the best. They ate the Jack fruit and they were left wanting. They sent for more the following day and even the following days. The jack fruit had become their best delicacy in Africa.

That ill, disturbing scent nearly made them fail to taste and realize the true sweetness of a Jack fruit. It became one of the things they would greatly miss when they went back to America


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