It’s always a hurtful blow

Many people ending relationships have always tried to ease off the blow, to reduce the impacts of the break up but no matter what, it is always a huge blow and it will always hurt a lot no matter how you dress your explanations for the break up.

You can’t bother explaining your reasons for a break up or even explaining at all to a person whom you know doesn’t love you. It’s therefore obvious that people only give explanations to only those people that they know love them dearly and whom they know that they are going to hurt a lot. People tend to come up with excuses to try to make it as if they never intended to break up and that they have nothing to do. They concoct  stories and excuses to try to lessen the blow but no matter what they say, promise or do it still hurts the same.

It hurts when a person you put your trust in, whom you love, whom you were building a life with etc etc breaks up  with you but it hurts even more when that person tries to make up lies inform of excuses just to get away from you thinking that these excuses will make the break up less severe or hurtful.

No words a person says or stories can make a break up less hurtful mostly to that person that loves. Even if you say what, promise to do whatever, put the blame on yourself and try to pull any impossible act trying to soften the blow, it will always hurt because the end result remains the same a “Break Up”. It is best you cut the excuses and the fake stories to at least be honest to this person. Tell the that person the truth at least you owe him/her that because If you needed her/him you wouldn’t be breaking up with him/her. So instead of making excuses, you better tell those persons the truth because it will hurt the same no matter excuses you come up with.


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