The Monsters Last Words

bullyingI didn’t have a say in my creation. I never dictated my looks, I never decided to be created ugly, a monster or to be deformed or unpleasant as many refer to me.
I didn’t know I would look like this.
I bet my parents where happy on the news of my mother’s pregnancy and am sure that they cursed that pregnancy at my birth.
I know my parents pretend to love me but they no longer do. That love died at my birth.


At school it’s hard.
Children look at me just in detest and loathsomeness
I have never harmed, insulted or done anything wrong to anyone.
I am hated and detested because of my looks
My fellow schoolmates make fun of me
Teacher mutter about me when I pass by them

I can’t go outside and play like other kids
I can’t go to the park because apparently I scare the little children
I can’t socialize with because they fear being friends or helping out a monster
Surprisingly even at church no one wants to seat next to me or talk to me
Even the priest dodge me and never want hold hands with me
I can’t seat in the back because everyone keeps on turning to look at me.
My parents are known everywhere not because they famous movie stars or artists but because they are the parents of the monster.

I think I came to the wrong world
I think I wasn’t meant for this world
Am only 9 years but I am fed up with my life not because I don’t like to live but because people have made my living impossible
Monsters are not welcome to this world so I better leave soon
My parents are miserable because of me
I have no freedom in this world outside my room

It is better I leave this world
I know my parents will be relieved
The people in my town will be relieved
Children at my school and teachers will have nothing to distract them
At church, services will not be interrupted by whispers and mutters about me
It will be better off for everyone
Maybe my parents will have another kid not scared of that kid being afraid of me
But above all
I am going to be happy knowing that no one will have to hate, backbite, regret, mock, detest or make fun of me ever again
I am going to be at peace.


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