The Good Friend

Tears flowed from his eyes when she introduced him as the best friend of the couple who has supported the couple through planning, organizing and financing of their wedding. The friend who gave up all to see that their wedding was a success. He had given up all he had both in strength and in finances. The couple wasn’t doing well on finances but he closed the gap by putting in his money. Everyone on the wedding was so amazed with the friendship of Paul towards the couple. All they could whisper to each other was how the couple had found a treasure in Paul but there was a deep secret buried deep that no one knew.

Eric the groom met Lisa the bride in one of the fancy restaurant in town. She was waiting for Paul. Eric approached her table and asked whether he could join her. She said yes but told Eric that she was waiting for someone. Eric immediately told her that your fiance is lucky to have such a beautiful gal like you. She blushed and told him that Paul is not my fiance, we are just friends. Paul suddenly arrived in the restaurant and saw that Lisa was with someone and that they were engaged in a happy relationship, he decided to sit on another table and let them continue talk to each other but he sent Lisa a message and told her that am already here but I like what I see so go on. Lisa and Eric talked for a while and at the end of their conversation they had exchanged their numbers and Eric had asked Lisa on a date but as Eric was leaving Paul quickly came to their table and pretended to have been stuck in traffic. Lisa introduced Paul to Eric they talked for a while and as Eric was leaving Paul whispered in his ear “I hope you have asked her on a date”. It is on those numerous date that Lisa and Eric went to that their love started to materialize and it ended up into a proposal for a wedding. Eric proposed with a beautiful ring with a big diamond on it. Paul had helped Eric to pick the ring and he loaned some huge amounts to Eric to buy the ring.

Eric had asked Paul why he was so supportive to their relationship. He told Eric not to worry that he loved Lisa as a sister and that Lisa had helped her a lot in the past so he was just being generous and returning the favor. But there was secret for Paul’s generosity and help to the couple.

The secret to all Paul’s generosity is the promise he made to Lisa. Paul and Lisa was  were once lovers. Paul was just starting his career and he put in little time in the relationship. Most of the dates and appointments he made with Lisa he wasn’t able to arrive on time or he had to cancel on her but they managed to make it work somehow. They both loved each other. Paul proposed to Lisa and Lisa said Yes. Paul couldn’t wait to marry Lisa so he made simple preparations for their wedding and Lisa started also to organize the wedding. The wedding date was fixed and Lisa’s family was all set to see off their daughter. Paul and Lisa had decided to not see each other for a week till they afriendre legally married.

Two days to the wedding as Paul was from picking up his tux with his brother a trailer rammed into them on the side where Paul’s brother was sitted. Paul didn’t get many injuries but his brother was in an alarming situation. They were taken to the hospital unconscious. Paul woke up the following day but he couldn’t leave his brother. On the day of the wedding it’s when Paul’s brother Mathew passed away. all these Lisa wasn’t aware of them. Paul never showed up to the wedding and Lisa and his family were too embarrassed and ashamed. Lisa vowed never to speak to Paul.

Paul showed up a week after and tried to find and talk to Lisa but Lisa didn’t talk to him for over 2 months. When they finally talked Paul asked for forgiveness and gave a fake excuse that he got scared. He said that he felt that he wasn’t ready for the for all the responsibility of marriage but he was lying. Paul asked for the parents forgiveness which he got. He then went ahead to ask for another chance with her but they postpone the wedding. Lisa refused to give Paul another chance saying that she doesn’t want to live in fear of knowing that the person she loves can disappear any time. Lisa told Paul that the only thing I can do for you is to be friends with you. Paul shed tears because he had lost the only people he had in his life. His brother Mathew who was the only family he had and Lisa the woman he was going to start a family with.

After a while Paul dried up his tears and said ” Lisa i can do that. I am sorry for what I did but I promise am going to dedicate all my life to see to it that you are happy. I am sorry for bring you misery”.

That is how Paul became good friends with Lisa and it’s why Paul can give anything to see to it that Lisa is happy and stays part of his life.


“To be continued on request”


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