Its the name have been looking for,

the name have been yearning to get,

the name that has made me very happy,

the name i have walked miles and mile for.


She finally gave me her name and number.

oh Roy the excitement you have given me.

after all this time of chasing and of trying to prove to you

You have given my your name and number.


You made me believe in love at first time.

I used to see it as a childish thing but now I believe.

It didn’t take me even 10 minutes to fall in love with you.

From that day on my love for you has just been growing.


I am going to remember this day forever

The day you told me that you love me

The day you loved me back.

The day you gave me told me your true name “ROY”

The day you gave me your contact.


Thank you Roy…..


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