What can one do to the fears of this world.

The Fears that intimidate us.

The fears that restrain us.


Life is no longer Interesting.

Life is no longer free.

Life is imprisoned by our fears

Fears have restrained our lives.


Our lives are on full Alert.

Children can no longer play freely anymore in fear of kidnappers, traffickers, diseases & terrorists. We fear our children’s associations at school.

We even have to watch the foods we eat. No too many sugars, no too many salts, no fast foods, no meat, no eating dinner. Eating is no longer fun and delicious. Delicious is no longer accepted in the society. Foods need to be bitter to be considered appropriate.

Life is no longer fun.


There are threats everywhere

Our movements are restrained because of these threats.

The racial attacks, religious attacks, cultural attacks have restrained our associations and movements

Life is no longer fun


People and the societal factors around us have restrained our lives. We live in a prison world where we have to be on full alert even from our fellow brothers and sisters. Fear of disease, harm, and others have taken over the world.

Life today in this century is very precautionary. One has to screen everything before he allows it in their lives. This century is doomed.

But am choosing otherwise. I am choosing to see the world otherwise. I am choosing to welcome as many people as I can in my life without screening them. I am choosing to taste the food I like and am choosing to explore various places. I am choosing to face the consequences with a smile because they will be as a result of a free choice. If consequences are dire and I die young, I will die contented knowing that I tried to live life freely than living a boring long precautionary life with NO FUN.



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