Virtual Gal

Your first response to my comment Captured my attention I liked what you said and I fell in love with your mind, slowly by slowly I grew interest in you. Slowly by slowly I started following you. 

I started following you commenting on your every posts. I like what you always said and I started loving our conversations. Slowly by slowly I would be the first to comment on your posts sometimes I would be the only one to comment. 

I didn’t realize but feelings were slowly growing with me. I started picking pleasure in all your posts. Communicating with you slowly became my daily priority. I started being enlighted when I talked to you. 

I realized my attraction to you when you spent days offline. I was unsettled for those days, i thought of calling you but I didn’t have your number, I felt like sending an email but I didn’t have your email either. You had ignited the fire in me. I was restless those days and nights. I thought of the possibility of my comments having offended you and I was ready to apologize. I had fallen in love with you. 

I didn’t have it in my thoughts to ever fall in love with a virtual gal but I was ready to give it a try. I was prepared to ask for a meet immediately you came back online and to tell you how i felt. It was a risk but i knew it needed to be done for me to relieve my soul. 

There you were 4 days after back online. I rehearsed every possible way i could ask you out but I couldn’t find the right words. I was timid. Questions of if it was the right thing to do ran through my head but the fire in me was bigger than the nervousness and the fear I felt. 

So I sent my first message and it was. . . 

“Hi… What happened. ….. I missed you. She responded me in the most lovely way. 

She said…. Hi dear, been busy but am sorry for deserting you this long. …… 

This gave me encouragement and I asked her out. The date went well and am happy as a kitten 


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